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Creative Social Strategies - Video Production - Timelapse Cinematography

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We Are Cinescapes

We're a close team of creatives dedicated to the delivery of the highest quality of work using the latest technologies. Our clients see firsthand how dedicated our company is to the art of video production and the importance of creative strategies. This is evident through our project management processes, collaborative client commitment and innovative creative approaches.


We produce content in a variety of formats based on the needs of the client.To help better understand
WHY WE DO WHAT WE DO, we’ve broken down a few of these formats and reveal our passion behind each format.


We have a passion for creative storytelling and the process that interjects. Collaborative filmmaking is defined by the way in which these films are created.


What makes commercials unique is the way in which one is challenged to deliver a concise message in short format. We thrive on the opportunity to take these concepts and make them a reality.


At the core of any business is it’s corporate agendas. We work with businesses to determine the best way to deliver corporate mandates through both internal and external formats.


Our roots are strongly embedded in documentary filmmaking and we continue to push ourselves and our techniques through annual exploratory trips around the world.

Educational / Training

We are committed to continued education and maintain a consistent desire to both push ourselves and our skill sets as well as produce content to help educate others.


Our team has extensive experience producing industrial videos and have a geniune interest in learning how businesses operate at the ground level.


We work with great brands. Close partnerships with really cool clients let us do world-class work.

We Specialize In

We tackle business problems with intelligence. We use cutting-edge tech and cutting-edge thinking to bring brands to
life online and direct consumer behaviour.

  • Creative Social Strategies

    All creative strategies need a solid foundation so we work closely with clients to first determine their needs and then develop detailed proposals that outline a comprehensive plan of action.

  • Video Production

    Video content is a great way to not only hook an audience but also distribute the creative strategies for your business. We work closely with clients to develop the content that will best suit client needs.

  • Cinematography

    Being able to construct stories using only images is an integral part of any interactive campaign. From story beats and story plot points, to overall brand strategy, the visual composition plays an integral role in the process. 

  • Multi-Axis Timelapse

    With years of experience, we strive and pride ourselves on finding ways to capture shots that have never been captured before. We specialize in time-lapse photography because we love the process that interjects. It’s about the journey.

  • Photography

    With initial roots seeded in photography, we continue to push ourselves and our techniques through the use of new technologies and creative approaches. We love taking risks and pushing ourselves as creatives.

  • Website Development

    At the fundamental level, we are creatives that love to connect and build relationships with clients and other creatives. From concept to completion, our goal is to provide the best experience for all parties involved in the process.

Our Team

With a focus on providing clients the best service possible, we pride ourselves on our ability to bring the right person in for each and every job. With our extensive network of permalancers across North America, we are able to ensure that every job has the strongest team possible. Below are some of our collaborators that strive to push their skill sets, viewer expectations and their creative visions.



We help develop creatives from concept to distribution. We're experts at creative strategies and visual storytelling techniques. Below are a few of our favourite projects. If you would like to check out more of our work, make sure to follow us in our News and Education section.

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