Nike Women’s “15K”

The video tells the story of three friends waking up and running through the city to meet at the ferry leading to Toronto Islands where the Nike Women's 15K race is held.


Sports Tourism’s ‘Generations’

Sport is heavily engrained in the Canadian landscape. It’s a great way to immerse yourself in your local community, meet new people, build a sense of belonging, and encourage good health. Beyond this, passion around sports can bridge the gap between generations. This film will show how sports passes through generations and acts as a way to connect through time.


Pelee Island | Canada’s Best Kept Secret

For this project, we were brought on to help support the cinematography for the project.


University of Saskatchewan’s “Tour Guide”

The Tour Guide is a short that follows the journey of a prospective student who, after being enthralled in the environment around him, quickly loses sight of the University tour group that he was supposed to be apart of. Little does our prospective student know that our strict tour guide has no patience for these types of people and embarks on a mission to bring him back to the group.