National Geographic’s “Adventurers of the Year”

For this piece, National Geographic wanted to create a narrative piece that not only highlighted the Adventurers of the Year but told writer & filmmaker Fitz Cahall’s story.


University of Saskatchewan’s “Tour Guide”

The Tour Guide is a short that follows the journey of a prospective student who, after being enthralled in the environment around him, quickly loses sight of the University tour group that he was supposed to be apart of. Little does our prospective student know that our strict tour guide has no patience for these types of people and embarks on a mission to bring him back to the group.


Arc’teryx’s “35”

The average American lifespan is 72.8 years; how will you spend those 938 months? Writer/ blogger Brendan Leonard and Duct Tape Then Beer collaborate to ponder this question and its many answers through climber Derek Craig’s 35th year of life.


FCL’s “Raised at Home”

For this project, we want to create three case studies that demonstrate how this framework supports its members and how these fundamentals carry forward in activities performed on a daily basis.