Nikon’s “Every Moment Counts”

Every Moment Counts is a short that follows the journey of a cod fisherman who, after being enthralled in the industry for years, is considering putting away his gear for the last time. The film will follow this characters journey of passion and drive through his many years living and breathing on the open sea.


A Place To Call Home

A Place Called Home / Mi Tierra, Mi Hogar documents the journey of one man who, at 8 years old, moved with his mother to America to start a new life. Our lead character, who has longed for a place to call ‘home’, revisits his past memories and childhood hangout spots in Cuba after having spent 15 years in the United States.


Kessler’s “The Concept of Creation”

In this 15 minute documentary, the viewer is introduced to Kessler, are shown what it takes to bring a product to market and are given a look at why CineDrive was developed.


FCL’s “Raised at Home”

For this project, we want to create three case studies that demonstrate how this framework supports its members and how these fundamentals carry forward in activities performed on a daily basis.


Force Pile Driving’s “Breaking Ground, Building Futures”

For this project, we were hired to produce a branding video, a recruitment video and a sales video. We were also asked to take photographs of the staff as well as location stills.


Tourism Saskatoon’s “ExploreYXE”

For this project, we teamed up Tourism Saskatoon to produce portrait videos of people who have stories to share about life in Saskatoon.