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Every Moment Counts is a short that follows the journey of Manny Vaughan who has been fishing for 70 years. This film features his journey of passion and drive through his many years living and breathing on the open sea.

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Earlier this year, NPS Canada contracted us to shoot a short film utilizing a new camera they had coming out. What we wanted to do with the project was find a way to showcase the capabilities of the camera while also telling a story. For this project, we chose to produce a full campaign that included a short documentary, behind the scenes film as well as a photo series.

Project Breakdown

Every Moment Counts is a short that follows the journey of a cod fisherman who, after being enthralled in the industry for years, is considering putting away his gear for the last time. The film will follow this characters journey of passion and drive through his many years living and breathing on the open sea.

Our focus is on the small rural fisherman who has been able to do what he loves while still being able to support his family at the same time. Our focus isn’t just about the success of catching fish – its about the journey. Work-life balance has always been a challenge but this is normal. A culture breeding a work ethic built on hard-work and long hours has allowed our lead character to continue to build on the family legacy.

When selecting our candidate, it is key we find someone who is nearing retirement but has lived a long and full life. We will target an active fishing community that is struggling to make ends meet with the new regulations being introduced that limit the opportunities for small operations to succeed. We are not making a statement about the industry, rather showing that no matter the obstacles, passion is what keeps these operations running.

Introducing Manny Vaughan

In this teaser video, we introduce you to Manny Vaughan, our lead character for this project. Manny is one incredible man and the entire crew were moved by his presence. His witty sense of humour and infectious smile will be missed. Until next time, Manny!


Project Introduction

A legacy is built upon a foundation of passion and perfection that extends far beyond a lifetime. This legacy is carefully refined with every decision that is made. Be it a fishing operation or the refinement of a digital camera, these decisions are what shape an industry.

For this project, our goal is to showcase what the D810 is capable of producing in both still and video formats. A photo series, a teaser video, seven minute documentary and BTS video will be produced that showcase the capabilities of this camera while focusing on the technical specifications that make this camera unique. These videos will be watched by not only the current customer base but also the general public because of the format of storytelling.

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  • Dan Doyle

    You have hit a Grand Slam with this production for one feels what life can be in Nova Scotia and the fine people that live there.

    • prestonkanak

      Thanks, Dan! I truly fell in love with Nova Scotia when I was there. Hope to make it back very soon!