I stand at the same intersection everyday waiting for the light to turn green and feeling like i’ve been here for hours.

Projecting Reflections is a visual portrait of a city from the perspective of someone who has lived in Chicago for a long time and has started to take the environment for granted. It was shot over two days around Chicago, Illinois. The purpose of this film was to collaborate with a few filmmakers in the Chicago area. The first day we collaborated with Karen Abad and her boyfriend Austin and shot a few time-lapses at various locations around the city. On the second day we team up with Joel Graves, Karen Abad and Eric Hines and filmed up and down Michigan Avenue (and a few other locations).

CLIENT  Cinescapes 
DIRECTORS Preston Kanak
SCRIPT Karen Abad
VOICE Ruby Carr
MUSIC The Candlepark Stars – We Give and We Get

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