the collective


We pride ourselves on being a collective of filmmakers, content creators and producers with diverse experiences and passions. Our model allows us to be a highly scalable bespoke team that adapts to each production environment based on its given needs. We have a deep roster of freelance talent globally, which allows us to match clients with the best talent for their projects.

We like to work fast, smart and from the heart. We believe that content creation is a team sport and everything we do is build upon a foundation of creative collaboration. Our clients tend to view us as creative partners, rather than vendors.

Finally, we must return to the reasons we started making films; to find that pure joy of getting lost in the visual storytelling. The passion we bring to our projects is the essence of who we are.  


Principal Team Members

preston profile image.jpg

Preston Kanak

Creative Director

Preston is fearlessly authentic with all the work he produces. From inception to completion, the goal is to ensure each project builds upon the knowledge of the last. Through a passion for adventure and the outdoors, he’s combined his interests into a drive for some of the most unique and kinetic video content in the industry, including his year-long film a day project. His work has taken him from the remote regions of Patagonia to tribal villages in the Kalinga Province of the Philippines, .


Kristina Frost

Head of Production

Kristina’s experience bridges industries. From her design work with Twitter to her leadership and personal development coaching practice with Sequoia Life Design, she thrives when pushing her skill sets into new industries. She believes ANYTHING can be designed when you have a set of values, boundaries, and access to your intuition to guide you. By leveraging her design thinking and values based thinking, she is able to ensure each tough point exceeds client expectations. In her free time, she loves teaching her six-month daughter how to play the ukulele.

People We’ve Collaborated With